Take unusual color combinations and interesting graphic textures, add a little knowledge and feeling for culture, throw in an elegant sense of design and you get the whole picture of Michele Bedigian’s work.  “In my paintings, my illustrations, my photography, in everything I do, it is my hope to entertain, inform and delight people with the beauty that I see around me.” In the past Michele has lent her painterly approach to a multitude of textile and garment design companies. Her decorative bent and love of history has also led her to art direct and refurbish full-sized American carousels still in operation today. Her award winning watercolors have been exhibited at WomanMade Gallery in Chicago, the Cinderella Stamp Essays in Montclair, the Estherwood Estates, Gallery 1482, the SmithBarney NY insurance galleries and Parsons School of Design in NYC. Adding to the list was a most recent acquisition exhibiting her unique package designs at a chocolate show in New Hope, PA . Her eye for advertising has been demanded by some of the top agencies in NYC, like the call to work with  DiNoto Inc. in the quest of designing and branding a visual look for a line of Coca-Cola beverage products. Yet, big players in the publishing world haven’t been too far behind in seeking her flair on several book jackets this past year.

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