first impressions

First impressions can be, well, for lack of a better term, often ‘strange’ in the Milky Way of blogs.

Think about it as you sit before this fast-paced, finger-tipped portal designed to deliver more information than one person can absorb…it never fails to ask for your opinion; do you like what you see on the screen and what’s your first impression?

It’s where that good ol’ meet and greet has joined forces with a modern click, or a click-click, (depending on your system of choice), and where a bunch of impressionable words has a) brought you here, and b) will determine if there’s enough intrigue to make you click on and investigate that itch of curiosity.

Allow me to share with you a little bit of the who’s who in my world of art and communication. I invite you to visit  after you’ve spent some time here determining if it’s worth it or not. Studio 1482 is where a unique group of professionals who call home in this little town of New York City showcase some really good art.
Go ahead. Take a look, I’ll wait. You won’t be disappointed. It’s really a must see.

In Studio 1482 I am one of seven associates that illustrate, design, and photograph, (both still and film/video) who are currently working on all sorts of juicy assignments with client after client in advertising, editorial, institutional and publishing.

It’s just a tiny click away.
I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and your (hopefully not so strange) impressions.

Oh, and for a daily fix of drawing I’m thrilled to share a site that features a new drawing daily from one of the fab seven.

Come back from time to time to catch the happenings.


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