Transcending Time on 9/11

Transcending Time on 9/11

This September 11th it rained             … and rained

… and rained here in New York. One might’ve called it tears of angels.

It was a tender day for the many who were reminded of the destruction we had experienced 8 years back. For me, personally it’s always been a painfully sad day. So each year I try to do something special to ease the heart. This one was no exception. I had the privilege of seeing Andrea Bocelli perform at Carnegie Hall. He was accompanied by the New York Philharmonic and the world renown conductor Asher Fisch. Words are few that can illustrate the beauty of such heavenly sound. All I can say is that it truly did transcend time and for that, I am grateful.


One thing I didn’t know was a small fact about the orchestra that couldn’t be any more appropo … “In February 2008 the Philharmonic made a historic visit to Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It was the first performance there by an American orchestra and an event that was watched around the world for which the Philharmonic received the 2008 Common Ground Award for Cultural Diplomacy.” What a glorious movement! It’s one that so easily can be embraced by Despina’s concept for  “End Terrorism Day” . Think about it , music connecting lives from country to country. It’s a language that crosses all borders. So simple – yet so incredibly powerful.

If only…


medium?: a ballpoint pen I stole out of my Mom’s pocketbook ………………….. paper: why the type? it was the evenings PLAYBILL (actually it was the only thing available, no excuses)


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