Thank you…Mother Nature!

Thank you…Mother Nature!

With such picture perfect weather,                                                                     undeniably yesterday was the most incredible day to be out and about in New York.                          It would have been sinful not to taking advantage of the day’s offering.

I am lucky enough to live across the street from a park with a small lake,                   (or maybe one would call it a big pond), filled with lots of turtles, coy and large goldfish, deliciously tempting for even the novice fisherman.

Below are two girls I really enjoyed watching. My guess is they were talking, dreaming, and planning the rest of their summer days under the willow tree since school just let out this week! Remember that time?

This guy was incredible. He circled the lake twice to catch the fish, instead of waiting for the fish to bite. I think he had a system, hehe, (didn’t look like he had much luck though). Let’s hope Mother Nature graces us with more magnificent days like the one we had!

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