Diary of a marionette maker

Diary of a marionette maker

Puppetry is an ancient form of performance. Some historians claim that they pre-date actors in theatre. There is evidence that they were used in Egypt as early as 2000 BC when string-operated figures of wood were manipulated to perform the action of kneading bread, and other string controlled objects.

Above is a marionette I stumbled across one day in the French pavilion in Epcot. Her character was undeniably so fun and flavorful I simply had to draw her.

Here is a reportage of where she resides in the pavilion.

and a thumbnail for a stamp design I thought could be an interesting way to feature the flavor of Paris.

p.s. If you’re into it, check out this blog I came across, diary of a genuine marionette maker. Tony is an artist working the craft today. It’s very cool and totally worth the read.

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