Chocolate highlights

Chocolate highlights


highlights from the Buck’s County Chocolate Show in New Hope, Pennsylvania

… and oh what a show it was!

The word Chocolate alone draws in a crowd. So I wasn’t surprised how the line wrapped around the building as early as 10am. But what did surprise me was how many people, (all hunting for the best chocolate they can find), found such a genuine interested in the exhibit. They asked all sorts of questions; Did I make everything by hand? Was the packaging real? and most curiously, how was I able to design a poster from all these individual handmade parts?

The beauty of it was that I met people for whom the concept of constructing an original piece of art digitally from handmade elements was a bit foreign. (Quickly making it clear that this was a gifted opportunity to share some insight on how the computer can be used just as simply as a paintbrush to achieve an artist’s vision.)

 The exchange was exhilarating. What I walked away with was a better understanding of the unique moment in time the art world is moving.

Looking forward to see what happens next year!


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p.s.  The question is often debated what constitutes an original piece of art. In my mind’s eye an original is a piece that is created directly from thought to craft and there is no other combination of elements put together that precede it’s existence in an identical fashion. 

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