January’s good intentions

January’s good intentions

January 1st is notoriously the day of good intentions. Excitedly I plan, and plan BIG…It’s becoming classic. I can actually hear myself saying it again, “yes, this year is different …I’m going to invest more time, more attention to promoting myself. I’m going to keep up with my blog. I’m going to run a more efficient studio, and for sure give more time to my practice.”

synergie 1

   But something always seems to happen within the first thirty days that makes it get a little fuzzy around the edges, and predictably six weeks later I’m back exactly where I was two days before Thanksgiving, (the calendar year before), negotiating with my big plan A and tweaking the edges (that is if I can even find the list at all in the pile on my drafting table). So what makes this year any different?

good-intentions3.jpg         good intentions 2

 Approach … so simple a concept, why didn’t I think of it before?

(I guess too easy, LOL)   …and so it begins in 2009, one nibble at a time.


* Be sure to check out some new book jacket samples I just uploaded on the studio site.

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