A season in time

A season in time


My last official ‘published post’ was in January … a season past, and if you’ve been wondering if I’ve actually followed up with those ‘good intentions’ I must confess proudly, yes. Although I haven’t been posting day to day on the happenings, there’s exciting news to share.

The past few months I’ve not only had the privilege to work on some awesome projects, but found myself designing a group promotion that I’m really, really proud of.

It was the first of much to come for 1482. Inspired by the great masters of seasons past, such as Picasso, Bakst, Passalaqua, and Brangwyn, we (Despina Georgiadis,  myself , Greg Betza, and  Dominick Santise) decided to create, design and produce a contemporary piece with an artists eye on the popular debates we hear so often regarding environmentalism.


Artists are interesting people, (and if you know one personally), you know they are full of opinion, direction, and most often very passionate about their vision. This is why I can’t express how much the process of working with these particular three meant to me.

We met often, either in the museum’s Petrie sculpture garden or someone’s home studio always ready to engage in new possibilities aiming high for that ultimate goal; a successful product, and still be Ok to discard what felt wrong through the journey.

I guess the most magical part was through meeting after meeting, (although we clearly knew the direction), we never saw each others images. We worked on faith. “What a glorious compilation of talent and interest. We don’t think alike, we don’t work alike, but somewhere we knew instinctively it would work in the end.”

It wasn’t until the last day, over at Greg and Despina’s that we brought the images together and unveiled the gold. Christmas couldn’t compare. Dominick said, “it was like when all the relatives get together for the first time”.                   

… and in the end, it truly was a symphony of images speaking aloud, each with an opinion, a direction and for sure great passion.

I wonder if we’ll look back on this collective one day, in another season, maybe wiser, certainly older and see it’s richness through life’s unpredictable filter, time.

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