Tis the season

Tis the season

… in Rockefeller Center


There’s a joy of skating in the middle of Manhattan I’ve never been able to find anywhere else.


As I look up from the ice it’s 8pm. The night’s sky (as expected) is replaced by the vision of lights on this years Christmas tree. There’s cars and people everywhere! They’re moving east, moving west, left, right, up, down. All with an agenda. Although it might appear chaotic there’s a rhythm to the way this crowd moves that’s just so inherent to New York City.  It’s as if each person intuitively knows exactly where the other one is going. When done correctly, it’s an urban two step that’s undeniably quite impressive, (and not so easy to learn).


And yet with all the energy stirring about there’s still something so timeless, so constant about Rockefeller Center that I know I can depend on.


There’s always a place to shop, a place to eat, a place to pray, a place to wonder and even a place to sit.


.. and there I am , lovin’ every minute of it … ’tis the season!

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