winter’s gift

winter’s gift

Sunday morning we made sure to set the alarm for 6am. Anticipating the first snowfall this season, (I mean real snowfall, the kind that makes you think twice before leaving the house) we wanted to be out, and out early, to seize the offer of that precious hour just as day breaks.


It was Winter’s first gift,                                                                          The quiet of a Sunday morning magically hushed even more by the buffer of fresh white snow. This was the kind of moment that makes it soooo easy to hear your soul speak and appreciate life’s wonders.


And then it happened .. like the sound of a locust on a warm summer’s eve. Before we knew it, our silence broke. Vibrations of the almighty snow blower revved it’s engine as it came closer and closer. If I knew any better I’d say this disturbance was nothing more than testosterone “battling another for the mystical blue ribbon on the slopes of sidewalk way”. Those who had one in hand dominated the snow, feeling ever so proud of their new found power, while those who did not looked on with envy at the efficiency of modern technology…or maybe not.

I was determined not let this interruption disenchant my day. So with an arsenal of hot chocolate, a few pencils and my handy dandy notebook I started to draw…




There he was diligently shoveling to clear my parents walkway. My Dad (seen above) and the neighbors never far behind him tending to the lighter loads of snow. Yes! ! ! this was the image I had in mind .. nothing like a communal effort of kindness to illustrate the wonder of the season!


So if Sunday was any indicator of what’s to come it’s sure to be a memorable one! Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year for all! – best wishes, Michele

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