Music on paper

Music on paper

..I once read that Pythagoras is credited with having discovered the physical relationship between mass and sound, (otherwise known as music), and that this relationship (expressible as ratios) is essentially what led to Galileo’s revolutionary discoveries in physics. Reading this intrigued me …could the relationship between mass and sound be the same as the relationship between mass and line? uhhhmmm…(otherwise known as drawing)

Hymn of the Republic

What I mean is the same physical relationship occurs in a drawing when you choose more of this and less of that. It’s simply music on paper.

With this thought and an arsenal of ideas I decided to research a little into Plato’s theory on Music of the Seven Spheres at the American Museum of Natural History .

In the beginning I found that Pythagoras’ theory correlated the music of the spheres with cosmic harmony, and while at the museum that Plato actually related it to 7 planets. So I knew it was important to frame my thoughts with an essence of say, global or “universal familiarity”, and decided angels were the logical symbol to design the idea around.


Angels are a symbol of higher power that cross pretty much all culture,borders and language.

So maybe it could work?

Maybe it really could…

It’s the journey of discovery that’s the most exciting part for me (and admittedly the reason I continue to hunt for more).

Who really knows where a drawing can lead, this mixture of mass and line?  Maybe it is only the angels.

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