Seasons of 1482

Season of Autumn/Michele Iavarone

  Fellow Studio 1482 members Greg Betza, Despina Georgiadis, Dominick Santise and I have been working collectively on a series of prints and promotions titled Seasons of 1482. Fall is here and we have just completed our work for the season. My piece for Fall is below, titled: “wind,pluck,rich.”

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The Holy Land

The Western Wall/Michele Bedigian

It’s hard to believe just 5 days ago Chris and I were each standing in prayer at one of the holiest of sites, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, otherwise known as the “Wailing Wall”. At times tens of thousands of people gather here from all over the world to pray. Although separated by a partition […]

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Music on paper


..I once read that Pythagoras is credited with having discovered the physical relationship between mass and sound, (otherwise known as music), and that this relationship (expressible as ratios) is essentially what led to Galileo’s revolutionary discoveries in physics. Reading this intrigued me …could the relationship between mass and sound be the same as the relationship between […]

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The Pelican’s Tale

Gulf spill/Michele Bedigian

The image of the pelicans this past week covered from head to toe in oil left such an indelibly painful impression on my heart. It’s so sad to see the how much devastation is happening to the ecosystem in the gulf. In response I thought I’d share one of my favorite poems, (which ironically seemed […]

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Going back to basics

2008 Market Crash

Fellow Studio 1482 members Greg Betza, Despina Georgiadis and Dominick Santise (three incredibly talented friends) and I have been working collectively on a series of prints and promotions titled Seasons of 1482. The project began last year and we’ve just launched Seasons 2010 with our spring promotion and even a new website. Please stop by and read more about the […]

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